Wednesday, 20 July 2011

New Cross Turn Left: A Therapeutic Opportunity

 Here at New Cross Turn Left HQ we're been working hard to get together a fun roster of events and activities, to make your trip down South all the more enjoyable.  

We're also interested in using our unique location - Deptford's historic Old Police Station - to best advantage.  

The Old Police Station has four cells, dating from when the building was the local precinct house - this Sunday there will be a special, one-day exhibition in each.

By way of a preview, the following is a special announcement from Walrus Zines, our exhibitors in Cell 4.
Strengthening our ties with the University of Kominsance, we are pleased to support the important research of Dr Gustav Von Schneider and his team of specialists who'll be in the UK for the first time - offering FREE consultations investigating the phenomenon and danger that is SNS.

For support and advice about this crippling syndrome, please find us at New Cross Turn Left from 1pm - 6pm on Sunday 24th July. 

The University Founder 
See you there!

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