Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Comedy at New Cross Turn Left

We, the New Cross Turn Left organisers, want you to be happy and amused all day at our festival.  To whit, we've found some fine entertainers -including these two gents who'll be performing in the courtyard(weather permitting) at 7:30PM.

First up, straight outta Lewisham....it's Saban Kazim!!!

You may know Shabs' work from comic turns in The Comix Reader - but when he's not drawing, Shabs is a hard-working standup comedian, gigging constantly around London. Shabs will soon be taking his act to Edinburgh - but see it at New Cross Turn Left, first!

Next up - Nat Metcalfe! 
In addition to his own Tombola of Fun night, Nat performs regularly with Josie Long at the Treasures of the Black Heart in Camden, and will also be taking his show on the road to Edinburgh.  
Exciting stuff!  We can't wait to see what new material these guys have got ready to bring to the comedy capital of the world.

One thing: all events at New Cross Turn Left are free, but we ask that you donate a few pounds to our performers if you enjoy what they're doing.  

More to come: next up, a rundown on the exhibitions that will be on display.  

See you very soon!

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