Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Alesha's Cake Stall for Sam's Trust

Big news for New Cross Turn Left - a lovely local lady named Alesha De-Freitas has come on board to provide us with a cake stall!  Just like at a real village fete.

But - even better - Alesha's involved with a charity called Sam's Trust, a tiny, very new organisation started up in honour of an infant child - the eponymous Sam - who was the victim of an aggressive form of leukaemia. Sam's Trust works to fund research in childhood cancer at Great Ormond Street - where Sam received care - and elsewhere.

All of the proceeds from the cake stall will go to Sam's Trust - so you can feel even better about that brownie, slice of cappuccino cake, or massive cupcake you're about to shove down your gob.

To read more about Sam's Trust, or read about Sam, please visit their website.  We've vetted them as completely as we can, so please buy - or donate! - in complete confidence.  

See you on the 24th!

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