Saturday, 23 July 2011

New Cross Turn Left is TOMORROW!!!!

Wow!  We can't believe it.  After two months of hard work, New Cross Turn Left is just around the corner!  
We have a staggering 28+ folks on board to sell comics and prints tomorrow- plus some surprise special guests, including our sponsor, Soaring Penguin Press!  And a few kitchens around London will be especially fragrant tonight as wonderful treats are prepared for our charity cake sale.  Plus we've got comedy, art shows, a band, a book opening - it boggles the mind! 

Even better, the five day forecast from the Met Office promises some long-sought after sun for the London area - perfect for basking in cake, comics and booze!

Give our video a gander if you're not familiar with the area, and don't forget how useful the Transport for London Journey Planner can be (use New Cross Station as your search destination, or our postcoade, SE14 6LG) - see you tomorrow! 

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