Thursday, 30 June 2011

Event Reveal NumberTwo: Derek The Sheep Onstage!

Come to New Cross Turn Left for the world premiere of Derek The Sheep and The Quest for the Googly Glasses, a fab all-ages play by Gary Northfield, based on his long-running Beano strip!
Timings TBD, but we're going to be putting this one on during the daytime, so comics-loving kiddies (and their understanding families) can attend!  We're thinking 2PM.

If you don't know Derek, you can read all about him on Gary's website.  The short version is that he's a very funny sheep who's always got a scheme on the go.  Derek's often getting into trouble - but not always in ways you'd expect! Published by Bloomsbury in the UK, he's found a massive audience - and now will be immortalised on the stage!

Donations will be solicited - the actors have graciously waived their fee. 

Thanks so much to Legend Theatre Company and Gary for giving us a first glimpse at their star property!  

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